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Get around the most beautiful sights of Amsterdams city center while playing an exciting city game. City Challenge Amsterdam is an interactive scavenger hunt with challenges that combine the real and virtual world. The game is played in teams of 2-4 players and the aim of the game is to become the heroes of the city. Disarming a bomb in augmented reality, or solving a murder in real-life Pacman style to name a few. The team that earns the most points will be rewarded with the City Challenge trophy. Perfect to put on your desk and keep the memory alive, especially among the losing teams! Are you up for the challenge?

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Suitable for every group

Suitable for every group

Packages available from 8 players or more

For company outings, we offer special complete packages for groups of 8 to 150 players, starting from €20 per person. The standard package consists of a challenge of 2 or 3 hours (4 or 5 challenges), a general briefing and an award ceremony to reward the winning team. You can add all kinds of extra options such as drinks, lunch or dinner. Together, we create a fun day out that suits your needs so everyone can enjoy a wonderful experience in Amsterdam without any hassle.

You decide when to start, and you can adjust the number of players up to 48 hours prior to the game without any extra charges.

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Interactive City Game Amsterdam

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City challenge Amsterdam is an iPad guided city game that combines the real- and virtual world.