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Battle each other in teams with an interactive city game

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€14 per student

Fun and educational

Flexible playing time

Teachers can join the battle!

The ideal schooltrip activity

City Challenge Amsterdam is a city game where working together and strategic thinking form the basis. Since the new generation grows up with smartphones, they understand the game instantly and are on their way in no time.
Once the game has started, no guidance is needed. The game is self-explanatory and different then other school outings. Here they have the freedom to explore as teams and battle each other for the highest score. Even the teachers can battle along. The duration of the game is flexible, there is a route of 2, 3 or 5 hours (all for the same price).

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What to expect?

What to expect?

The iPads are available at the pick-up location, close to the damplein (Dam Square) and the start of the game. Students generally understand the game immediately and the game has a build in tutorial. After selecting the chosen route, the players are on their way
The navigation guides the students to the challenges and makes sure you arrive at the destination. After the game the scores are instantly available and the winning team can be announced.

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Interactive City Game Amsterdam

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City challenge Amsterdam is an iPad guided city game that combines the real- and virtual world.