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Interactive Citygame Amsterdam

Experience the gamification of city exploration

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Play an iPad guided citygame through beautiful locations in Amsterdam. With techniques like GPS, object recognition, 360-degree videos and augmented reality, this city game combines the real with the virtual world.

The game is playable all day (9am - 10pm), you can play as long as you want (2-5 hours) and it costs €17.50 per player


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About the game

  • Routes
    3 routes
  • Challenges
    7 challenges
  • Score points
    Become a hero

Choose a route at the start of the game. You can choose between a route of 2, 3 or 5 hours of playtime.

More about routes

The game contains 7 challenges, you can play as many as you like. There are also quick questions and mini challenges to earn extra bonus points.

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By completing challenges you gain points. Collect as many as you can to become the hero of Amsterdam. If you conquer the first place in the ranking you even get a price.

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Take control

Play, have fun and enjoy your day

The aim of the game is to become the hero of the city! Being a hero can be thirsty work, so be sure to take breaks between challenges and grab a drink when you get thirsty, this will not cost you points ;-). City Challenge Amsterdam is all about sharing the experience and spending quality time together.

An interactive city game 

City Challenge Amsterdam is an interactive real-world game that enables players to explore the city in a new and interesting way. It transforms the city into a playground, with exciting challenges at hot spot locations like; Dam Square, Rembrandt Square, Museum Square, and the Vondelpark. The game is played on a iPad, but you need to make use of real city features such as statues, street signs, buildings, etc. to complete challenges! It’s an activity that is best played in teams of 2-4 players, and you can compete with or against each other through our City Challenge Ranking.


An innovative Scavenger Hunt

The game is an innovative scavenger hunt through the city center of Amsterdam. With the use of techniques like object recognition, 360-degree videos, augmented reality and GPS, the game combines the real and virtual world. It’s not a scavenger hunt with a simple treasure map and some riddles. It’s a tablet guided adventure that brings you to locations where you need to eliminate the threat of a killer, a dangerous bomb, and trains that are about to collide. Is your team ready to become the new heroes of Amsterdam?


Will you conquer the first place and win this month’s price?

€17.50 per player

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